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Symbol of Receiving & Perceiving


This painting symbolizes your inner antenna that receives and perceives, connected with the higher mind that conceives. When we are letting go of the idea that we have to come up with everything ourselves and stop placing all our trust on our mind by understanding that it’s not the mind’s job to conceive, we will naturally flow with life. Our job is to de-clutter the mind by letting go of all we think we know and how things should be, so we are available to Receive and Perceive, what the higher mind already has conceived for us.


Fine Art paper: Certified Art GICLEE™ – German Etching 310 gsm

Numbered and signed by Roeleke

Certificate of Authenticity signed by Roeleke

Size of the gyclée print: 60cm x 60 cm

Size of original: 90cm x 90cm

Comes with a personal note

Limited edition of 25


Prize without frame



Pine Cone - Roeleke Schepers

€ 544,00Prijs
  • Mail CoCasa om dit kunstwerk te bestellen en af te halen, of te bezichtingen aan de Lumierestraat 63 in Amsterdam IJburg op afspraak. 

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